tow truck Annandale     Needless to say, that tow truck drivers can be busy all throughout the year; however, the rate of tow truck service calls tends to increase during the warmer months of the year, typically in the Spring and Summer months. You may be wondering why this is true? What happens during the Spring and Summer that makes a tow truck driver’s job busier and more hectic? Well, some of the answers may surprise you.

One simple explanation is that more Americans travel during the Spring and Summer months, thus more automobiles tend to break down or be in an automobile accident, such as a fender bender. Once something goes wrong with an automobile, then tow truck drivers and roadside assistance operators are in especially high-need. The conclusion is that the more automobiles there are on the road, the higher the chance that some people will have issues with their vehicles, thus needing help while being stranded on the side of the road.

Annandale Accident recovery     Another perspective that should be considered is that Spring and Summer are the ideal times of the year for young adults to travel to and from college. Many young people use Spring Break and Summer holidays to travel home to visit their families, or they may seek a new adventure in some other part of the country. Wherever they are traveling to, many of the young people are traveling in cars that have high-milage on them already, or cars that are in need of some type of repair. Tow truck drivers find that during the busy Spring and Summer seasons, many of their stranded motorists are young adults driving to and from their desired destination.

Spring is also busy for tow truck drivers because some automobiles have been affected by long, cold winter months, and some drivers have not taken the necessary precautions needed to ensure the best maintenance for their vehicle. For example, cold temperatures can be harsh on car batteries and on car tires. It is a good idea to begin the Spring season with a car maintenance service, in order to test the integrity of the battery, and also check the air pressure in all four tires. Extreme temperatures can affect both of these parts of the vehicle, as well as other car parts, too. It is a good idea to have a general maintenance check, once the warmer days are here to stay for a while, and ensure that your vehicle is in the best shape that it can be for the busy traveling time.

Tow truck drivers are always happy to help a stranded motorist, but you may find that you will be asked to have patience with them, especially if they are experiencing an unusually busy season. As you can now understand, during Spring and Summer, which are peak travel times for many people, may be some of the times of the year when you are asked to have a little extra patience. Rest assured that help will be on the way, as quickly as possible.










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