Annandale Accident recovery     Roads that are wet with rainwater or melting snow can be very hazardous to drive on; however, we do have some tips for you to remember the next time you are driving on slippery roadways. No one wants to end up sliding into a ditch, or skidding their car around in circles, and by following some tricks when driving in wet conditions, you may be able to keep control of your car and avoid an accident. It’s best to avoid having to call a tow truck company, but of course, tow truck operators are always available, if you ever need roadside assistance.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to keep your car moving in a slow and steady fashion, as you move along wet roads. If you remain calm when driving in wet, rainy conditions, then you will be able to concentrate on driving carefully and with your full attention. Be on the lookout for deep water puddles on the edge of the road, other cars around you, and anything else that may interfere with the forward motion of your car.

Speeding is often a factor when cars slide off of the road while the rain is falling. When the roads are wet is an especially good time to slow down and watch your speed. There is a fine limit between going so slowly that you become a hazard to other people and going too fast where you might be dangerous on the wet roads. Drive a safe speed that you are comfortable with and that you know is a reasonable speed for the situation.

Another thing to remember is to keep a safe distance from other cars on the road when the weather conditions are unfavorable. Did you know that it takes much longer to stop on a wet road than it does on a dry road? It is a good idea to keep about 3-4 car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. You should also watch out for the cars behind you. If you feel that a car is too close to you to be safe on the wet roads, then you may wish to tap your brakes to let the driver know that you are being cautious. Avoid slamming on the brakes, however, because that could be very dangerous for you and for the other driver.

Of course, if you have trouble when driving in wet conditions, it is vital for you to focus on the task at hand and remain calm. If you skid along the wet roadway, once your car has come to a stop, then try to ensure your safety first. Turn on your hazard lights and contact a towing company, or a roadside assistance service, as quickly as you can. If you find yourself off of the road or in a ditch, then a towing company will be needed. The tow truck operator will be able to pull your car out of the ditch and transport the car to a destination of your choice. Be safe out there at all times, but especially careful when the roads are soaked with water.

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