tow truck Annandale     Big rig trucker drivers spend hours on the road, as they put many miles on their big rig trucks. As you might assume, the large trucks experience a lot of “wear and tear” with the excessive amount of use they receive. Due to the amount of use they get, there is no wonder that big rig trucks are susceptible to breakdowns every now and then.

Chances are likely that you have been driving down the highway before, and noticed tire parts and pieces all scattered across the road. This typically happens to big rig trucks that have a spontaneous tire blowout. In fact, tires problems are the most common issue that big rig truck drivers deal with on an everyday basis.

Tire issues account for approximately 50% of all big rig roadside assistance calls. Failure of the tires is largely due to tire pressure that is too low or too high, worn-out tire treads, or out-of-line axles. It is an important task for big rig truck companies to regularly maintain their vehicles, and big rig truck drivers to stay alert to issues before they become a big problem. Roadside assistance companies and tow truck companies are always available to assist big rig truck drivers when they have a tire that has malfunctioned or has blown out completely.

The brake system of big rig trucks is another function that receives a lot of usage over long road trips. Due to the heavy loads that many trucks have on them, the brake drums, discs, and pads are put under a lot of stress. The regular usage of the braking system will deplete the system quicker than braking systems on a regular-sized vehicle. If a big rig truck experiences brake failure or malfunction, then a tow truck may be used to tow the rig to a truck stop, a repair shop, or to any other place that can repair the brakes of the big rig.

Big rig trucks also put heavy usage on the vehicle’s cooling system. There are a lot of connection units that are involved in the coolant system of a big rig. If any of the connections becomes dislodged or malfunctions in some way, then the thermostat can be affected, as well. Many towing companies and roadside assistance companies can fix this problem on the spot. Once help is called for, you should mention to the company that the issue may involve the coolant system, so the tow truck driver can be thoroughly prepared upon arrival.

Lastly, a tow truck may need to be called for, if there is any type of problematic issue with the big rig’s electrical system. Issues that involve the start motor, the alternator, or the battery will probably need immediate attention, and the tow truck companies that service big rig vehicles, will be prepared to handle these types of situations.

No big rig truck driver wants to be stranded on the side of a busy road. Of course, regular maintenance of the vehicle is highly recommended, as well as always having the contact information of a towing company that can help you, if a problem arises.

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