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towing service Annandale VAAnnandale Tow Truck is an integral part of our city. We have helped the fine people of Annandale by providing excellent towing service and roadside assistance. Annandale Tow Truck is family owned and operated since we were established in 1995. Our services are available to all of the citizens of greater Annandale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We remain on call at all times in an effort to provide support for our customers when they need it most. Our towing service consists of motorcycle towing, light-duty towing, medium-duty towing, and heavy-duty towing. All of our services are crafted to fill a specific need for vehicles of all types. Alongside our comprehensive towing service we also offer roadside assistance. Annandale Tow Truck is proud to have fast and affordable premium roadside assistance. Our assistance options include fuel delivery, jump-start service, accident recovery, tire change assistance, and lockout service. Each option is intended to fill our customers’ specific needs when they need it. In keeping with our focus on customer satisfaction, we accept payment in cash as well as all major credit cards. Cashless payment is smooth and quick, so we can get you back on the road as soon as possible. Every aspect of our towing service and roadside assistance is meticulously built to provide you, the customer, the best possible service we can offer. When vehicle problems arise, Annandale Tow Truck should be your first and only call. Let us provide the help you need.

Annandale Towing Service

tow truck AnnandaleOver the last 20 years, Annandale Tow truck has provided our signature towing service to the great people on Annandale. If you want premium affordable towing service we are the best choice. Unlike other towing companies we do not use any car dollies (wheel lifts), all of our tow trucks are modern hydraulic flatbed tow trucks with heavy-duty capabilities. Along with having the best and safest equipment we employ a team of highly skilled drivers who embody our family values. Each team member is trained to provide expert towing and excellent customer service. Our towing service is for everyone as we have a wide range of service options. Towing options include light-duty towing, medium-duty towing, and heavy-duty towing service. Regardless of vehicle type or scenario, Annandale Tow Truck has what it takes to get the job done. Don’t hesitate, give us a call whenever you need towing assistance. If you’re in Arlington, VA and need a tow, then give our sister company a call – Arlington Tow Truck.

(571) 556-5611

Light-Duty Towing Service

Annandale light-duty towing service is unlike what other towing companies offer. Our light-duty service extends beyond the small economy car, we provide towing service for fragile antique vehicles, low clearance sports cars, and motorcycles. Our wide range of expertise and fast response times set us apart from others in our industry. Customers are treated like family at Annandale Tow Truck, which means we treat your vehicle with the care it deserves. If you want a safe and trustworthy light-duty towing service, Annandale Tow Truck is the only choice.

Medium-Duty Towing Service

towing AnnandaleMid-sized vehicles are a dime a dozen which is why Annandale Tow Truck has built the best medium-duty towing service in the greater Alexandria area. With a high demand for medium-duty towing, we have spared no time or expense in creating a safe and consistent towing service for our customers. We use hydraulic winches to load our customers’ vehicles, and use a minimum of 4-points of contacts with our heavy-duty straps to firmly secure your vehicle on our tow trucks. The safety of your vehicle and other motorists is of the utmost concern. Our professional team of drivers has the experience and expertise needed to safely transport your vehicle to the desired location, with speed and precision. Contact us today, and we guarantee there is no better value than our medium-duty towing service.

Heavy-Duty Towing ServiceAnnandale towing

Annandale Tow Truck has the proper expertise and equipment to provide our customers with excellent heavy-duty towing service. Pickup trucks are a work vehicle for some people and when your mobile office needs towing, Annandale Tow Truck is the company to call. We have fast and affordable heavy-duty towing service that will not affect your bottom line. In addition to towing pickup trucks and full-size SUVs, we also provide wrecker service for commercial vehicles. Our wreckers can provide towing for all sorts of class A and B commercial vehicles. From a standard 1500 pickup to large 18-wheelers, Annandale Tow Truck has the service for you.

Annandale Roadside Assistance

Accident RecoveryAnnandale Accident recovery

Annandale Tow Truck has focused on creating accident recovery that is sure to alleviate the stress of a collision. Our friendly dispatchers and professional drivers know how to get the job done. We won’t have 21 questions, just give us your location and the drop off location and we will get on it. Accidents are stressful but accident recovery by Annandale Tow Truck is one less thing to worry about. Call us in your time of need so we can provide the help you require.

Jump-Start Service

Jump-start service with Annandale Tow Truck is quick and easy. We come to your location, pop the hood, and hook up to your battery. Our technicians are skilled and professional, and we are guaranteed to get your car running in no time. Touching your battery terminals is dangerous and can short circuit other parts of your car. Don’t take the risk and let the roadside assistance team at Annandale Tow Truck give you a jump.

(571) 556-5611

Tire Change AnnandaleTire change assistance

Tires go flat, it happens all the time. Making sure your tire is changed correctly is very important. Doing it yourself with the minimalist equipment provided by car manufacturers is unsafe for the inexperienced vehicle owner. Which is why Annandale Tow Truck is the company to call. We have experience and all the right equipment to get your tire changed correctly. Eliminate any risks with our expert tire change assistance.

Fuel delivery

Running out of fuel is an inconvenience. Let us help with our fuel delivery service. We conveniently come to you with whichever fuel you need. Our trucks stock various grades of gasoline as well as diesel fuel. We also are sure to have at least 5 gallons of each fuel type on hand, which provides you the flexibility to fuel up where and when you want later, so you can get back on track now.

Lockout assistance

Locking your keys in the car is frustrating. Don’t waste any time prying at your door jam or untwisting a wire hanger. Annandale Tow Truck has lockout assistance that is fast and affordable. We have the proper tools to unlock your vehicle without causing any damage to the door or lock. Let your frustrations fade away, and call Annandale Tow Truck for lockout assistance today.


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